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Inauguration 2017 Trump / Nation

 Inauguration 2017  Year of the Cock

[Cocking a snook at the establishment] an expression used to thumb your nose at derision disrespectfully. 

Get on with it, the people have spoken: 

A tribute to the celebugeeks who got it ALL wrong :  Celebrities, Pundits, and Politicians made their predictions and had their laughs like George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Bernie Sanders, Seth Meyers, Joy Behar (The View), Bob Beckel (CNN), Julia Roberts, Ann Coulter, Bill Maher (HBO), Stephen Colbert (The Late Show), Nancy Pelosi (congresswoman, former house speaker), Harry Reid (senator), Barack Obama, The Simpsons (TV show), Elizabeth Warren, Fareed Zakaria, George Stephanopoulos (ABC News), Mark Cuban (Billionaire), Chris Matthews (Hardball MSNBC), John Oliver (The Daily Show Comedy Central), Keith Ellison (Congressman), Ron Reagan....and More!

Americans elect people in office they hate, and then they re-elect them again only to belittle them on late-night television.  Does this only happen in the U.S.?   " It is over!" Joe Biden said after the House officially put an end to the vote count.   Donald Trump is now the 45th President of the United States.

America, like other countries, have voted-in some of the most outspoken, bigoted, and sensational mysognistic leaders of the ages.   The list is long, but just to name a few, you had the two Bushes, Bill Clinton, and now President Trump.  Obama's legacy  does not count because his presidency was 'rented ' in order to usher in a new era of liberalism.  Obama was more like the Chief - and - Facilitator, not the Commander - and - Chief.   Mr. Obama was a part-time Christian and a Muslim who supported gay marriage and made it constitutional to burn the American flag.   He disavowed his own pastor Jeremaiah Wright and rebuked his Attorney General for making incendiary comments about race relations in the U.S., so his agenda was somewhat muddled  and distorted because he did not have a clear agenda nor principle other then to disrupt American culture and push boundaries far beyond necessity.   In other words, you can't be a devil and a saint at the same time unless you ARE the establishment!

Here in Japan, we too have had our fair share of highly politically charged politicians who have left and indelible mark on Japanese society and politics.   Some of the most outlandish being former Governor of Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara, an extreme right-wing learning politician who was elected three times as governor of one of the largest mega-cities in the world - Tokyo.   Highly unfavorable by women's rights groups alike, foreigners, lay judges, and the U.S. State Department for making incendiary comments about the gay community, women, contentious historical issues related to Japan's wartime guilt, and so on.    In many respect, Ishihara was more outspoken than the incoming president Donald Trump.  

The international community recognizes a pattern that's evident all over the world.   People elect unpopular leaders that go on to be re-elected.  The whole world decried the legacy of G.W. Bush Jr's. foreign policies in the Middle East.    All of us knew there were no WMDs and that there was no out of control terrorism in Western countries like  it is today  in the U.K., the U.S., and Germany.   Yet the world had to endure 8 whole years under the man that changed the course of the entire world.   We fight invisible enemies now.

The level of vitriol that was hurled at incoming president Donald Trump was unprecedented in history.   Effigies being burnt in the streets of America and Hollywood launching its   major offensive against a man they swore would never be the president of the United States is satirical in itself.   Unthinkable really.    Hollywood is not owned by America, didn't you guys know that?   Black music is not even owned by Blacks, right?   Kanye West knows who signs his checks?   America does not own American music ladies and gentleman!   The owners of American music love Donald Trump though, and your actions against him will be duly noted, just ask Mel Gibson, seriously.    Black rappers can make songs entitled "Fuck Donald Trump!" and think its okay because of Freedom of Speech have no respect even for themselves and the American flag.   Where are your morals and values?   

The mysognist card has been well played by every single political figure in the world, even your favorite  honorary American Black president Bill Clinton was a mysognistic adulterer.    Americans can ask themselves why they fail at the ballots, and to stop blaming the Russians.

John McAfee has enormous credibility in this regard because, even more so than the Intel Community.  Need I say more....?

In conclusion, America has proven to be one big internal failure one after the next.  A social experiment gone awry; in other words, most Americans still do not understand how the election system works, yet America's foreign policy dictates that  they are the champions of Democracy and therefore should teach other nations.  Some would say you must lead by example.   It's The Electoral College and the economy stupid.


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